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At Urns of America, we provide an extensive array of beautifully handcrafted cremation urns that are conveniently available for purchase directly from the comfort of your own home or office. Our line of cremation products is constantly expanding, as we vigilantly seek out quality vendors whose products are both tasteful and dignified, with a level of quality that will exceed both our and your expectations.

We offer our clientele over 900 distinctive and elegant urns to satisfy the most discerning taste in both vase and cubic styles. The vase types are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and metals, such as brass, bronze, copper, pewter, and stainless steel. We offer our cubic style in two sizes with lined interiors, content pouches, and adjustable feet, and they are available in a variety of finishes, including rose gold, bronze, stainless steel, and coffee. As always, all of our cubic urns are finished with matching machined base plates for a secure closure.

All urns are generously sized and are designed to fit in all standard sized niches or places of honor for proper display. These products are available in an elegant, simple style or adorned with distinctive, contemporary appliqués representing religious denominations, military, scouting, fraternal, civic, hobby, and floral designations. Symbolic varieties, such as crucifix, praying hands, Star of David, Masonic, angels, doves in flight, and wreaths in a vast offering of finishes and materials.

To select the appropriate size for your selection, use the formula: 1 cubic inch will accommodate the remains equal to 1 pound in life. Therefore, if your loved one weighed 145lbs, the proper selection would be 145 cubic inch or greater.

Additional Models Are Frequently Added and Are "Open Stock".