Todd, I want to thank you and Urns of America for your service and your outstanding urn. I do not want to rush the use of the urn I purchased but,...

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Funeral Directors

Funeral directors and funeral home owners interested in carrying America's premiere line of cremation urns, please email us at funeraldirector@urnsofamerica.com. Our fine products are available in both vase and cubic styles. We currently offer approximately 1,000 urns and are consistently increasing the offering to a maximum of 2,000 models. Presently, we are specializing in cubic style urns, which are diffentiated by the various combinations of available sizes, finishes, and appliqu├ęs.

The quality of our premiere line can be best described with such unique features as fully-lined interiors, secure bottom die-cut sealing plate, adjustable feet, and the substantial weight and thickness of the urns.

Email us at funeraldirector@urnsofamerica.com for more information.