Todd, I want to thank you and Urns of America for your service and your outstanding urn. I do not want to rush the use of the urn I purchased but,...

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Below is a list of resources available to those who have lost a loved one that will help them to navigate the difficult and sometimes confusing process of making final arrangements.

  • FTC Funeral Rule—Your rights as a consumer are clearly outlined in the FTC Funeral Rule, which governs the actions of funeral homes and serves to protect you, the consumer.
  • A Consumer's Guide to Funerals—When you are faced with the death of a loved one, many decisions have to be quickly made and oftentimes without the luxury of time for research and proper planning. The FTC has published a helpful guide which outlines a path people can take to help them through this difficult process.
  • Social Security Benefit—In some circumstances the surviving spouse may be eligible for a one-time payment of $255 from the SSA. Review the SSA's guidelines by following this link.

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